Writing the Research Report/Proposal

How do you go about custom-writing the research report? A pragmatic advice is now in order. First, ensure that you have only the accurate observations and the most objective intentions to document them. Then make your writing task easy and systematic by having a ready format. What format can you use? The rest of this note is devoted to answering this question in practical detail.

WRITING THE RESEARCH REPORT/PROPOSAL by Ben Tapang, University of the Philipines Baguio.

Basic introduction to research design in management; types of research designs; qualitative and quantitative data collection and measurement techniques; coding data; reliability and validity; qualitative and quantitative methods of analysis; interpreting and discussing results; structuring and writing the research report; integrating individual research into overall management literature.

How do you go about custom-writing the research report

role while writing the research report Once you have selected the topic of the research and have gone through the process of literature survey, established your own focus of research, selected the research paradigm and methodology, prepared your own research plan and have collected the data; the next step is analysis of the data collected, before finally writing the research report.

Common mistakes in writing the research report

Grants will be awarded to eligible Kappa Omicron Nu members for the purpose of recognizing and rewarding students for excellence in undergraduate research. In particular, the award is designed to recognize students who demonstrate both skill and creativity in conducting research and writing the research report. Class papers, independent research papers, and creative projects are eligible for the award. Papers may represent either original research or research based upon secondary sources. We welcome applications from a range of disciplines in the human sciences and using a variety of methodologies (including action research), as long as the research focuses on a significant issue in the human sciences.

writing the research report are clearly identified