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It is also possible to create a sort of extended outline for research paper which would indicate a correspondence with the purpose of the academic paper and offer a few ways to present the materials collected. In any ways, since the main function of the outline is to identify the framework of your paper and help you to produce a good research deserving to be graded highly, you can chose or even create your own approach to writing you research paper outline. It should be the most suitable for you and allow you to maximize its effectiveness when you begin working on the writing part. Do not skip this important part of the work in order to save time, because working on a research paper without an outline can be really hard and almost impossible. Moreover, very often you are required to add the outline as an integral part of your academic paper. If you have questions or problems on any stage of writing your research paper, with your outline in your hand you can ask for some help of your instructor or professor.

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