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Here's the thing about writing personal essays: they never ever stop being a challenge. I'm writing one of my own now for an anthology and last week I was so stuck I thought my head would blow off. I went around the house moaning and boring everyone to death with my little speeches about how hard writing is. But I kept writing, I kept at that essay until I broke it down and figured out what it was about. Finally. And the thrill of that, figuring out what you're writing about and how to do it, never ceases to be exciting and astonishing.

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The Guide to Grammar and Writing examines the best approaches to writing a personal essay through underlining the importance of different literary devices and a focused narrative.

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UTNE Reader describes the best way to write a personal essay by focusing on composition and staying on point. It’s an international organization set up in 2004 to help students and adults identify and express through writing personal essays the core values that guide their lives.

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I actually love writing personal essays! You write off the top of your head, as I like to say, with no research needed. But you can go from your own myopic viewpoint to a wide-angle view that is universal. How cool is that? And there are tons of markets for personal essays. Thanks for commenting, Barbara. I hope you’ll write some more essays.

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Many college admissions boards ask prospective students to write a personal essay as part of their general application process. Scholarship, internship and contest committees also often request them. Reviewers use them not only to get a general sense of a writer’s history and philosophies, but also to analyze whether he is educated, creative or experienced enough to stand out from other applicants.Writing a personal narrative essay requires a lot of intellectual thinking from the applicant, as his goal is to persuade the committee that he is their most appealing variant. Before beginning the creation of a personal essay it is necessary to point out its base lines.Opinions on how to best write a personal essay vary, but typically, one has an introductory paragraph that ends with a main thesis. Most use at least three supporting points and paragraphs, and a conclusion that wraps everything up is also fairly standard. It isn't necessary to write these parts in the order they will appear in the final draft, but when everything is put together, the work as a whole needs to flow well, transitioning logically from one idea to the next.Sheila's passion is helping those who want to break their writing out into new forms, revise effectively, generate more writing, or facilitate the writing of others. In the last three decades, she has worked with hundreds of people in colleges, universities, and workshops helping them write personal essays, poetry, and writer's journals and allow writing a serious place in their lives.