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For example, if you are writing a reaction paper on The Great Gatsby, it would be first prudent to discuss the book and to what extent you are analyzing it. Are you simply offering a personal reaction to the characters? Or are you attempting to write something a little deeper about the time period and era in which the book takes place? These are all important questions that need to be understood while writing a reaction paper’s introduction.

To write a good reaction paper, ask yourself the following questions:

Every student needs to read on a regular basis. It may be books of various genres, articles, essays, documents, reports, etc. However, it is not enough to read and understand. Very often, you are required to analyze what you've just read and do it in writing. The aim of a reaction paper is to allow you to express all your thoughts concerning the text under consideration. A reaction paper differs from other types or papers, because you can openly express your subjective opinions in it. On the other hand, writing a reaction paper might be a bit challenging for you. First of all, it is a time-consuming task. You need to spend a lot of time reading, making notes, trying to arrange all your thoughts in a logical way, and writing the paper itself. If you find this too exhausting, our academic writing service is ready to assist you.

How to Write a Reaction Paper or Reader Response.

Writing a Reaction Paper - teacher web Reaction paper is a formal type of academic writing in which the writer shows his reaction to a certain piece of literature (text) or artwork. To write a good reaction paper it is necessary to understand its structure, dynamics and the professor expectations, things that make it rather complex for a novice writer. In a nutshell, a reaction essay is about reading, understanding and expressing one’s opinion about a particular text. Reaction papers require synthesis and analysis, i.e. the writer has to understand the intellectual work of others and use synthesis to bring the pieces of material together to make a smooth-flowing, integrated whole. It is for this reason, to write a good reaction paper it is advisable to refer to more than one text. As for student reaction paper assignments, one should note that a student needs to understand each particular text discussed or read in class and use these texts in the reaction paper. The texts may or may not relate to each other directly, yet the student should find the common grounds and similarities between them to relate several texts to each other. In this way, a student demonstrates knowledge of the material as well as fluency of expression.

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§ You may concur with the work or argue against the work v You can even use “I”, or the first person, in this type of paper. How to Write a Reaction Paper

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