How to write a film review in English

If you love films and fancied trying your hand at writing a film review then here are a few tried and tested guidelines to get you started.

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Recycling or reviewing information in the same chapter but from a previous level can also be useful in producing a text. For example, if your students are writing a film review (7C), reviewing how to narrate a series of events (Bildgeschichte 7A) and how to write a plot summary (Inhaltsangabe 7B) can be exactly the tools students need to produce an excellent film review. Thus, elements from different sections of a chapter and from the corresponding rubrics can be added to the rubric for a particular assignment at the B and C levels.

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WCU student Esther Godfrey provides guidelines on how to write a strong film review. The most important rule to adhere to before writing a film review. Personally, I don't write only for those who have seen as many films as I have. I consider that condescending. A film review should appeal to those who are uninformed about the sphere of film as well as to those who are passionately involved in it. It's a film critic's loss if a reader feels that a review wasn't "meant" for them, and was instead directed at a more "sophisticated" demographic.

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Writing an essay about a film can seem a straightforward affair at first. However, it is important to remember that writing an essay in relation to a film is much different than writing a film review. A review merely requires someone to passively watch a movie and then write about the direction of the movie, how well the actors played their parts, and how the film performed in telling its story. An essay requires a lot more engagement from the writer, an engagement that is beyond story telling alone.

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When writing a film review it’s important to both inform and engage your readers. This means keeping the article concise while supplying sufficient plot information and expressing your opinion in an entertaining manner.Readers who are interested in writing a film review must contact , the Film Editor, before submitting a review to be sure that one has not already been written. Only films released in the past six months will be considered. Reviews are accepted in Word or Word Perfect format and can be sent as an attached file via e-mail. The Journal of Religion & Film uses the Chicago Manual of Style for formatting guidelines. See for complete information. Please include your institution affiliation and e-mail address in the review.