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In his memorial tribute to Mrs. Mossiker, Dallas historian A. C. Greene remarked that although Frances Mossiker "was as at home in New York, Paris, and London as in Dallas . . . she never for one day turned her back on her native city." Her gift of the Writers Study Room to Dallas authors attests to her continued interest in our city's cultural life. Until her last illness she was always eager to know about the occupants of the Room and their writing projects.

The creative writing study hall will endeavor to meet these needs for a wide variety of writers

The Dallas Public Library is proud to be the custodian of Mrs. Mossiker's papers and literary memorabilia. Some of these materials are permanently on display in the Writers Study Room. We hope they will serve as a reminder of the debt of gratitude the citizens of Dallas -- especially the writers -- owe to Frances Sanger Mossiker.

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In this session, you'll teach students that writers study mentor texts: noticing, naming, and trying out what. 19th-Century American Women Writers Study Group
Professor Joyce W. Warren
Department of English
Queens College
Flushing, NY 11367

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We are pleased to announce the first meeting of the Texas Regional SSAWW Study Group, which is modeled on the successful New England 19th Century American Women Writers Study Group and builds on SSAWW's goal to encourage and facilitate such regional study groups.

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The Stowe, Pearson, Eastman, and Sparhawk texts are available for download at . Members of the SSAWW Discussion Forum on Yahoo can also access the texts via the "Files" link on the DC Region American Women Writers Study Group page at .(Forum members must sign in to access this link).Study Hall...if you were like me, in high school, study hall was the class in which I either slept or worked frantically to finish the homework I had neglected the night before. This study hall concept is different. The creative writing study hall will be a meeting place for writers and would-be writers to meet, talk about writing, hear a brief presentation on a writing-related topic, and then actually, you know...write. Sometimes, we need a kick in the pants to get our writing going: a new location, some accountability from another writer, some encouragement, or a moment of inspiration. The creative writing study hall will endeavor to meet these needs for a wide variety of writers. Study hall sessions will be hosted by Eric Sheridan Wyatt, an author, creative writing instructor, blogger, and podcaster. The venue, time, and focus of the sessions may be flexible, but the focus will always be the same: finding something to energize, inspire, or inform your creative life. This meet up is now forming, and specific information about upcoming events will be posted soon.The Frances Sanger Mossiker Writers Study Room is an enclosed space in the Humanities Division on the third floor of the Central Library. The Room offers writers a place to work closer to the library's collections and professional staff. The Room contains four lockable desks, a conference table, a telephone, and space for several hundred books.