I know about Dove’s Real Beauty campaigns but not the Axe ones

The Dove Real Beauty Sketches advertising campaign is misleading and bending to gender stereotypes. it reinforces that women’s beauty is only defined by how they look which is very one dimensional. It also reinforces the lie that real beauty is skinny and white. Dove reinforces this by selling products like skin cleanses that aim for this ideal which for most women is unattainable. The advertising campaign was based on a 2010 world wide Dove survey which showed that 75% of girls aged between 6 to 12 did not like some part of their appearance. This self appearance anxiety is perpetuated by Unilever who owns Dove in their advertising campaigns of their Lynx and Axe products were women are sexual objectified as nothing more than eye candy and the some of their parts. Dove claims to have its aim as improving the self esteem and health of girls but it cannot seriously do this if it continues to endorse products like Lynx ad Axe from its parent company Unilever. Unilever is concerned primarily about one thing only and that is making money and making a profit and it doesn’t care how it does this even if it has change it’s advertising campaign to do so. I personally cannot give the Dove advertisements any credit while this continues to take place.

It's hard to take this seriously when the same company who owns Dove also owns Axe

Dove Chocolate was the one who changed the design of the bag and reduced the amount of chocolate in the bag. How raised the price? Was it Wal-Mart? Was it MARS (who owns Dove Chocolate)? Was it a combination of both?

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Who owns dove soap You all remember some time back when the media exposed the bodies being burnt at the Dove Funeral Home. It appears that the Port Moresby General Hospital contracted Dove to cremate the unclaimed bodies. They simply heaped logs on the fire, threw more logs on and lit them. The stench drove the neighbours to complain and this was discovered. Guess who owns Dove Funeral Home. Yep, the Craignolinis and L&A. And who sits on the Port Moresby General Hospital Board? Sir Theophilus George Constantinou who is a close ally of Prime Minister Peter O’Neil and the Cragnolinis. So it is a small circle of friends dividing the wealth of this nation among themselves, oblivious to the plight of the country. The very act of burning the bodies with wood shows the level of respect they have for Papua New Guineans. Ol mekim lo ol dai man na bai ol mekim wankain lo yumi tu.

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Say what you want about this being an unreliable scientific experiment, how it’s pandering to advertisers with a biased forensic artist, moody-heavy music and purposeful videography, or how it’s hypocritical because Unilever who owns Dove also owns Axe. Say all the cynical things that might come to mind and then get over them and address the fact that self-image issues are a real problem, for both men and women.

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