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Have you researched the topic completely? There is nothing to worry about writing unemployment essay conclusion. Restate/rephrase your essay which should be in your introduction. If you don't have a essay statement, then refer back to some of the things in your introduction. It would be helpful to know what your essay is about.

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Unemployment Persuasive Essay - Term Paper Warehouse I have to do an essay on unemployment, needs to be 7 pages. I have some information like who receives unemployment, how you can qualify/disqualify for it, and the current unemployment rate with a chart... and also I need to compare the unemployment in 2012 and n 2002 and I am almost done with the essay and now I just need unemployment essay conclusion. I don't know how to write it. . What would I write about in the conclusion of the essay?

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Unemployment has become a leading world problem after the economic slowdown affected one of the world’s leading economies-namely America. An unemployment essay should point out that this is not to say that there was no unemployment prior to the economic slowdown that hit the USA and other nations in 2008-but rather that the problem has now become more acute.

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Your unemployment essay can also talk about the fact that unemployment is a universal problem that affects all the countries in the world and was recently a very serious issue in Germany and France-(to the extent that it even threatened the very continuity of the government in those countries.)Although structural unemployment is more identified with the unemployment rate n the United States, cyclical unemployment also plays a part in the unemployment process. Many people get employment in the boom period especially in the tourism, farming, and construction sectors. During such seasons, almost all job-seeking people get employment opportunities. After the season is over, there is low demand for services, products, and these results to few workforce requirements. Many of the employees working in these sectors are retrenched, and this leads to mass unemployment. Many businesses rely on seasonal booms and recession in the United States. These businesses produce and distribute their products in certain seasons and this makes cyclical unemployment rampant, in the United States.