Thesis and Thesis Proposal Outline; Thesis Roadmap and Timeline

Possible Thesis Proposal Outline
1. Intro
a. Problem
b. Research questions, scope
2. Background
a. Lit search
b. Open Problems
c. Analysis with respect to research questions
3. Approach
4. Preliminary results
5. Plan for completion of work including timeline
6. Risks and risk mitigation
7. References

Thesis Proposal Outline

As students progress in their schooling, writing proposals for term papers, theses, research papers, and dissertations becomes increasingly important. Just getting the topic and research plan approved becomes a high stress situation as students reach graduate school. It doesn’t have to be, however. Here’s how to write a thesis proposal outline that is sure to lead to an approved thesis topic.

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No examination but completion of final paper/thesis proposal outline are required The course Research Approaches in International Land and Water Management prepares students to do their own thesis research by helping them appreciate that all knowledge is 'theory-laden' and that 'a problem' can be approached from different perspectives. In particular, the course explores the role and importance of theory in international land and water management research, and helps students develop their own thesis research proposal. A central premise of the course is that all land and water management knowledge is sociotechnical (or socionatural), which is why the question of how to integrate natural science with social science approaches and the different ways of doing this (multi/inter/trans-disciplinarity) receives much attention.
The course is complementary to courses that focus on research methodologies and designing a research project. It is based on the important insight that one's choice of data collection plans and research methodologies is intrinsically interwoven with (1) the objectives and goals of the research and (2) the way in which one makes sense of, and indeed conceptualizes, land and water management realities.
The course is broadly divided in three blocks: 1) Science, knowledge and (inter)disciplinarity in ILWM research; 2) Overview of different conceptual approaches used by chair groups in the MIL programme; and 3) Performing a research: the link between conceptual framework and research methodology. During the course, students are expected to develop the outline of their own thesis research. It is therefore highly recommended that students have already defined (even if only in general terms) their research topic at the start of the course. In weeks 2, 4 and 6 each student will submit an individual assignment covering his/her science perception, conceptual framework, and methodological approach, respectively. In the final week of the course students will give each other feed-back on the thesis proposal outline developed.

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Besides formative activities you will perform research on a topic under the supervision of your advisor. At the end of the first year, you should have produced a thesis proposal outline that will be defended in front of a committee. The objective of this examination is to evaluate a student's ability to undertake original research at the Ph.D. level. At the end of the third year, your Phd thesis should be finished. It is highly advisable, in view of this time constraints, that you try to identify as soon as possible a suitable Phd topic.

A Thesis Proposal Outline – Tips on Writing