And the framing device around the life of Poe himself, confused me

This film remains true to the thriller/murder mystery genre. I think itdoes a fair job of it. But what makes this film different is itsdescent into the life of Poe at the same time. It touches themes thatPoe touched in his wonderful tales of romantic horror and makes a truePoe fan smile time after time. This film is unique and follows a simplestory line to its logical conclusion in an entertaining fashion forthose who love Poe.

The leads are good actors and "Ann" is lovely.

I think anyone that has poured over the bloody pages of Poe's shortstories surely will be entertained on two levels by this far too easilydismissed attempt, an attempt to do something more than just entertainus with a mystery murder story. It is a tale of madness, of love, ofconfusion and killings.

I was not his friend, nor was he mine“ (Reprinted in Gill, The Life of Poe, 1877, pp

Schulte, Amanda Pogue.
/ by Amanda Pogue Schulte ; with A sketch of the life of Poe by James Southall Wilson. [Charlottesville : Research Committee and the Extension Division of the University of Virginia, c1926]
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Lovecraft as a context for the life of Poe

If you look into the life of Poe you will see dysfunction and melancholy running rampant This is not a "fictionalized" biography but a factual one -- insofar as any biography can be, for we cannot know everything about anyone's life. My foremost intention has been to interpret the facts of Poe's life and show bow and why he wrote what be did. It is an attempt to present the life of Poe in light of his associates, his times, and his peculiarities, not the least of which were an extraordinary intelligence, a vivid imagination, and the capacity to work to exhaustion. Although statements of fact can be documented -- and a set of appendices in the back of the book takes up the points I anticipate being challenged on -- the conclusions drawn from them obviously cannot, and whatever contribution this book has to make is in those conclusions. I have tried to write a biography and not just to argue about the materials of biography -- the facts of Poe's life -- without any effort toward finding their meaning.

Is this a mystery about the last days of the life of Poe

In Schoell provides readers with an in-depth look into the life of Poe, the nineteenth-century American writer known for his distraught psychology. In the biography Schoell chronicles Poe's life from childhood on and discusses the writer's attitudes toward his family as well as his troubled mental state and behavioral problems. "Clearly written and insightful, this biography is frank about Poe's faults and failings as well as his talents and achievements," commented Carolyn Phelan in a review for Marilyn Fairbanks, a reviewer for also enjoyed the biography, stating that "this is not just the usual time-line-led biography, but rather a deeper look into Poe's life and personality as reflected in his work."

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