Bismillah Karan (The Great Gatsby Music Video)

From the company behind sell-out summer success The Great Gatsby Musical comes the world premiere adaptation of Oscar Wilde's famous fairytale. Suitable for all ages.

The Great Gatsby Musical

acclaimed Ruby In The Dust is presenting the world premiere of The Great Gatsby Musical at the King’s Head Theatre – until September 1, 2012.

The Great Gatsby musical part 1

The Great Gatsby Official Music Video On returning to the UK I took on the exciting challenge of the brooding, muscular 'Tom Buchanan' in the world premiere of THE GREAT GATSBY MUSICAL, opposite Matilda Sturridge then embarked on a UK/Ireland tour playing a personal dream of mine, the Cambridge-educated, charismatic adulterer 'Jerry' in Harold Pinter's masterful 3-hander BETRAYAL. Back where I started with the aristos, I have just finished playing 'Lord Windemere' in a popular revival of LADY WINDEMERE'S FAN by Oscar Wilde at the Kings Head.

The Great Gatsby Musical - Part 1

'Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald' by Theresa Anne Fowler was published a few weeks ago. Two more novels are due to appear soon: 'Beautiful Fools' by R Clifton Spargo, and 'Call me Zelda' by Erika Robuck. (I know nothing of Ms Robuck, but by echoing the opening sentence of 'Moby Dick' – 'Call me Ishmael' – she is obviously taking quite a gamble.) Yet another untitled novel is also in the stocks. 'The Great Gatsby Musical' opened in a London theatre last August and 'Zelda at the Oasis', a new play by P H Lin, premiered in New York in December. Meanwhile, 'Gatz', which involves a group of actors reading the complete text of 'The Great Gatsby' in a single session, has recently packed in audiences around the world including New York, London and Los Angeles.

Ham Life: The Great Gatsby Musical at The Riverside (delightful)