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The only classic element is the wreath of leaves across the brow, otherwise this David is Donatello’s own, with no influence of early Italian tradition.

With her short film Passing Time she won the David Donatello Award (Italian. Oscars) for Best Short Film in 2010. Passing Time was also selected as one of.

Truffaut's (1980) was another big success. The drama, set in Nazi occupied Paris, unfolds in the Theater Montmartre as a group of actors rehearse. Catherine is the manager of the theater and actress with the company. She keeps her Jewish husband who is in hiding abreast of the events in the outside world and in the theater, including the antagonism of a pro-nazi theater critic and the sexual tension coming from a young actor in love with her. She won the Cesar Award and was named Best Foreign Actress at the David Donatello Awards for her performance in that movie. Although she plays a stage actress, she has never actually been one. Why?

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HIGHWAYS, GOOD MORNING CHINA, INDIAN NOTEBOOK, MEGALOPOLIS and THE WISE CAT CATCHES MICE (which won the David Donatello, 2006). Laura Bispuri was an attendee of the Fandango Lab Workshop. She won the David Donatello Award (Italian Oscars) for Best Short Film in 2010 with "Passing Time." "Sworn Virgin" is her first feature film, and in the development phase it was selected by the Cannes Film Festival’s “Atelier de la Cinéfondation." ()

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The jury who assigns the David di Donatello awards is formed from (a) awards recipients of the past ten years, (b) members of the Council of Directors and (c) a maximum number of 130 selected representatives from the fields of culture, art, industry, society and show business. (as of 2000)

Donatello's bronze “David” broke all the rules