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The Seco Valley Ranch consists of 1883 low-fenced acres on the Balcones Escarpment in the Hill Country of Medina County. The terrain varies from rough and brushy limestone hills to open pasture broken by live oak motts and juniper breaks with plenty of underbrush. Don and Debbie Davis produce Grassfed Texas Longhorn Beef. They have managed their property holistically, making management decisions based on effects on the water and nutrient cycles in the soil, impact on wildlife, and financial profitability. They have improved range conditions from their management and have received a Conservation Security Program contract. They are working to restore native prairie grasses, while controlling invasive brush, improving soil tilth, managing wildlife and increasing livestock carrying capacity.

Oh, wait, the dish was named for the ingredient: Texas Longhorn beef.

Where are Certified Texas Longhorn Beef from LHT cattle processed? Every beef is professionally vacuum-packed at USDA or ODA 100% inspected facilities. All meat handlers are legal citizens of the USA.

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Texas Longhorn Beef grass-fed beef...Offered by the Grasslander Ranch...family owned and operated... Longhorn beef is also an excellent choice for many people with certain health issues who still enjoy eating beef. The natural qualities of Longhorn beef allow many people to still enjoy beef without worrying about taking in as much fat as they would consume with standard commercial beef. It is important to remember that our 100% grass-fed Texas Longhorn beef is a premium, high-quality, and unique product. We only raise purebred, registered animals with sound genetic backgrounds and top-notch pedigrees. We believe that the best value for our customer is a thick, healthy, and well-bred steer from a protective, but caring mother and an elite Texas Longhorn bull who will give that animal it's natural muscle tone, lean traits, marbling, and overall beef quality.

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We have all of our steers processed at either Northwest Premium Meats in Nampa, Idaho, or Stafford's Custom Meats in Elgin, Oregon, both are USDA inspected facilities, which enables us to sell individual cuts to our customers, which allows smaller purchases and more consumer flexibility. We can make arrangements at either butcher to help meet your transportation needs. If you haven't tried Texas Longhorn beef you may want to consider giving it a try!

Oh, wait, the dish was named for the ingredient: Texas Longhorn beef

The LHT lean beef program has been approved for a very definitive trade mark. Certified Texas Longhorn Beef is now the official trademark for a very high quality, lean, healthy product that is range raised here in the Appalachians. The nation's healthiest breed of cattle are now a certified product of the LHT store. Smoked lean beef, halves & quarters can be ordered to satisfy the meat tooth of your family. Certified Texas Longhorn Beef is for those who realize you are what you eat, and you are what you eat, eats. My operation offers some of the best longhorn beef cattle for sale found in the United States today. Picked for their fine physical traits and health, bred from highly prized stock, and raised in ideal conditions, DBR longhorns are a prime source for high quality Texas longhorn cattle beef. Not only are these beasts a great way to get topnotch meat, they are also good stock for starting longhorn operations elsewhere and building a better future for the breed and for American cattle raising overall.