Some stains on inside cover and tears on paper cover

The invisible Tape by Scotch is the tape that makes tears on paper magically disappear. The idea was to make Invisible Tape a fascinating experience even before the actual usage a special packaging was developed.

Marks & Young, Tears On Paper.

John called Buk on the phone a few days later to give him thebad news: "Neal is dead." Buk was pretty much speechlessand John told him how Neal had been found in Mexico in jeans anda white T-shirt dead from an overdose of downers. John suggestedthat Neal might have been murdered. "He didn't take downers,"John said, "Neal only took amphetamines." But no oneseemed to really know anything except Neal was gone. Bukowskisummed it up pretty well: "all those rides, all those pagesof Kerouac, all that jail, to die alone under a frozen Mexicanmoon, alone, you understand? can't you see the miserable punycacti? Mexico is not a bad place because it is simply oppressed;Mexico is simply a bad place. can't you see the desert animalswatching? the frogs, horned and simple, the snakes like slitsof men's minds crawling, stopping, waiting, dumb under a dumbMexican moon. reptiles, flicks of things, looking across thisguy in the sand in a white T-shirt." Bukowski wasn't thetype to cry but he could put his tears on paper. He knew thatNeal had "...hurt nobody. the tough young jail kid layingit down alongside a Mexican railroad track." Buk said, "Kerouachas written all your other chapters. I've already written yourlast one."

Tears on Paper by Sbongumusa Thabethe

Crying tears on paper When asked by CLAN (a community organisation established to help survivors of institutional abuse, and known to so many of you here today) when asked by CLAN to write down his story Garry said, "what am I going to write down, you can't put tears on paper".

Notes from Tears On Paper by Patricia YOUNG and Frances MARKS

All little tiny dents and marks or itty bitty tears on paper are included, you don't even have to ask. They are part of the charm. Please look closely at the piece before purchase or ask any questions.

Marks & Young, Tears On Paper