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To address this, I put together a case study seminar last year at the UIC department of psychiatry along with psychoanalyst Jerry Winer and literary scholar Suzanne Poirier. Our aim was to expose participants to a heterogeneous range of case study writings and theory, from the realm of psychiatry, psychoanalysis, literature, psychohistory, cultural anthropology and sociology. We read Oliver Sacks, Robert Coles, Sigmund Freud, Heinz Kohut, Marshal Edelson, Daniel Levinson, Robert Jay Lifton, Inger Agger, Allessandro Portelli, Richard Selzer and others.

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While case study writing may seem easy at first glance, developing an effective case study (also called a success story) is an art. Like other marketing communication skills, learning how to write a case study takes time. What’s more, writing case studies without careful planning usually results in suboptimal results.

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Units Of Study Writing - Heinemann One seminar cannot address this situation. At the last APA annual meeting, we heard a range of curricular approaches for medical students and residents in psychiatry that center around case study writing. I can imagine a modest professional developmental line of experiences running throughout the four years of residency, designed to support these skills. It could be a part of being a cutting-edge training department in the current era. Doing so requires identifying faculty with writing experience, and getting them to see writing as both apart from and in relationship to clinical work and clinical theory. They must appreciate that writing is about speech and language, more than it is about psychotherapy or psychoanalysis, or any other theory. It can also help to bring in writers, literary scholars or humanists from outside of psychiatry and medicine to focus solely on writing issues.

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Case study writing is conducted with a degree of what Bakhtin called "outsidedness" (Emerson, 1997). It recognizes the aesthetic and ethical value of entering into an awareness of something from the outside. (In this regard, we should not forget that the international medical graduate may actually have distinct advantages.) There is always the risk of being misperceived from those in the box as not being "one of us." The writer's response is to not fall into such traps and separate yourself from the work, but to stick with it and respond within the work, to deepen and multiply the dialogue with those others, especially the critical and accusing ones, who should be loved for all that they have to teach.

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