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Examination of the case studies published on male serial killers reveals that the majority of those known to us violated their victims sexually. It is not uncommon to read of offenders who physically and/or sexually tortured their victims. These killers are often portrayed as "sexual sadists."

in fact, studies on serial killers suggest the average IQ of serial killers to be 85

In May 1992, Dr Pawlowski of the Connecticut State Penitentiary asked Nilsen to write a "sexual history" to assist him in his studies on serial killers. Drawing on what he had written in the late 1980s, he started writing it on prison notepaper. That summer he was also approached by Central TV, which wanted to interview him. For its research it asked for anything he had written. To make it easier to read, the producer Mike Morley gave Nilsen a battered old iron-framed typewriter. Stamping through the tattered ribbon, Nilsen started writing: "This is a narrative compilation including what I believe to be the salient features of my sexual history. I have spent almost 9 years in a climate of long and detailed introspection, without counselling or therapy of any positive kind. Therefore it has fallen to me to probe the secret recesses of my personality in the hope that I may understand the engine of my actions and effect solutions to problems in a non-destructive way." This became the introduction to what are now his draft memoirs.

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Once we narrow down our possible subjects, we will do multiple case studies on serial killers

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