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The Hertie School's Student Research Paper Series publishes high-quality student papers, both master thesis and/or seminar research, along with a foreword by the respective instructor or supervisor. Its objective is to provide a platform to share ongoing research at the Hertie School. Papers are to be submitted to Tobias Bach, who is in charge of the Series. Selection criteria consist of above average grading and originality of research. Content will cover a wide spectrum of topics, reflecting the multiple research streams and interdisciplinary approach of the School.

Authors are exclusively responsible for the content of their papers and the views expressed therein. They retain the copyright for their work. Discussion and comments are invited. Student Papers will be made electronically available through this website. If the material is being published in a language other than German or English, both the original text and the reference to the publication will be kept on the list. An abstract is available online for each of the posted Student Papers under the respective link.

In 2001 I began publishing student research papers on the internet for several reasons:

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