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A good deal of target marketing has to do with making generalizations – figuring out what’s going to appeal to women, or the 18-25 demographic, or whatever other group you intend to target, and then crafting an ad based on your impression of the prototypical member of that group. In the past, this has resulted in a lot of stereotyping in advertising, especially when it comes to gender-based advertising. But in recent years, some companies have managed to move away from those assumptions. This article will take a look at a few brands whose targeted ads avoid some of the major stereotyping pitfalls of marketing.

Stereotypes in Advertising: World War I and World War II Posters and Ephemera

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Racial Stereotyping in Advertising | Marlene F. Watson Ph.D.

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Canadian Perspectives on Sex Stereotyping in Advertising.

After this lesson, students willlikely be on the lookout for stereotypes in the advertisements they see. Somestudents may have strong feelings and thoughts about the messages they arebeing sent. Encourage them to keep a notebook or talk to a trusted adult aboutthese feelings as they come up. As a class, brainstorm some ideas for fightingback against stereotypes perpetuated by advertisements. STEREO TYPES IN INDIAN .INTRODUCTIONThe focus on: Defining stereotypes; look at common stereotypes in advertisements (print or television advertisements); examine how stereotypes influence the perception of those watching these advertisements; and, the justification...Some examples of Asian stereotypes in advertising that I found today might not be appropriate to our project because I shoud’ve found examples in the Internet. But, I just wanted to say the way the advertising uses the Asian stereotypes. So, I’m going to try to find the examples for that in the Internet. I think I can make it on the Youtube or Twitter.Darryl W. Miller is currently an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of Wisconsin - River Falls. His research interests include cognitive and affective responses to advertising, stereotypes in advertising, cross-cultural differences in advertising and promotional strategy for services. His work has appeared in the Journal of Advertising, the Journal of Marketing Communications, Psychology and Marketing and the International Journal of Aging and Human Development.