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LoBrutto is a film historian and editor who teaches at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. His Stanley Kubrick biography is brilliantly researched, but written in a rather pedestrian way. Often the same information is repeated verbatim a little later on in the text, and some sentences are so poorly worded that you wonder if he wasn't doing it for a comic effect. For example, from page 303 of the US hardback edition: "The Star Gate segment which concludes the film, earned its reputation with the children of the Age of Aquarius as the penultimate 60s film...". Errors like these make the book appear rather unpolished, although this may not be entirely the fault of LoBrutto, as they should have been corrected at the editing/ proof-reading stages.

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31 August 1998: The far from unworldly recluse [review of a Stanley Kubrick biography] He would make the actors get angry or feel bad by telling them things like, they r wasting the movies budget and they're doing an awful job acting. He would get u in a mood so it came through in your performance. "Like the Here's Jonny scene in The Shinning" Where he verbally battered Shelley Duvall, by telling her she's wasting everyones tome, and she's ruining the movie. He had her almost in tears before filming the ax scene to get true tears and fear out of her performance. You can see it on the bonus features (maybe) or maybe I saw it on a Stanley Kubrick biography show...

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