They also write short book reports to earn additional points

Do you think that preparing a short story book report will be easier than writing a usual book report? On the one hand, it is really so. At least, reading and comprehending a short story will take you less time and efforts than reading a big novel.

However, writing the short story book report itself can be the same tricky. Although you have to consider a short story, your report should include all basic elements that a typical book report has. Let us remind you about them.

Characters in a short story book report

The main characters of a story should be presented in any short story book report. Explain who they are, how they change in the course of the story, relations between what characters you think are the most important.

Setting in a short story book report

Describe where and when the story takes place. Do you think the chosen time and place are appropriate for the story?

Conflict in a short story book report

Any story, regardless of its length, has a conflict, the main problem. You should definitely touch upon it in your short story book report.

Climax and resolution in a short story book report

Sooner or later, the main problem or conflict reaches its peak and then the author presents a resolution. Describe the boiling point of your short story and explain how the main conflict was resolved.

So, the short story book report should include these essential elements. Do not forget that you can also use various forms to prepare your report and make it stand out, e.g. make an interview, a diary entry, a newspaper article, etc.

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Although writing short story book reports is not that complicated, your awareness of some major rules will make your work much easier. If you have experience of making some other types of book reports like or , you definitely can use it.

Yet, you should keep in mind one significant peculiarity of your assignment. You need to discuss a short story. It is a separate genre or literature, which means writing a short story book report will also differ from preparing a typical report.

Use these simple strategies for making good short story book reports.

Choose a topic carefully

First, you need to decide on a good short story. It should be 10-22 pages long. Make sure that you really like the story and you are interested in it; otherwise, work on your short story book report will not be that funny and exciting.


Read the story several times. Make notes while reading. Mark pages that you think contain important info or you want to use a quotation from this page in your short story book report.

Writing your short story book report

We strongly recommend you to make an outline before writing the final draft of your short story book report. Highlight all main ideas, add necessary details, and check your outline. This is what your outline and short story book report should include:

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gives a study guide for each test and has 3 very easy short book reports This article describes four exercises that use authentic literature asthe basis for extemporaneous presentations. Students select theirown readings and write short book reports about them; in my course, thebook reports are due every other week, and students bring both theirreport and their book or article to class on the due date. Bookreport days are often the liveliest days of class, with studentsengaged and on-task as they share their readings with each other.

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All senior projects must be grounded in the relevant literature. That means that you must do an overview of the main arguments in the field. This overview may take the form of a traditional literature review, which demonstrates that you have read much of the existing literature and understand what the major positions are, how and why people disagree, where gaps or unanswered questions lie, and where things might be headed next. A literature review is not just several short book reports put together like pieces of meat and vegetables on a skewer. Instead, it should synthesize the ideas and arguments of others to place your research in a scholarly context. Please consult your faculty advisor for the details of how he or she expects you to ground your project in the relevant literature.

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