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The production of media with the inclusion of sexuality is focused on a product that seeks to attract a diverse audience. Nudity and physical sexual activity are incorporated as part of the entertainment experience. Television and movies, as a form of visual media, reach this goal through a focus on needs and gratification. The needs and gratification approach is aimed at giving the audience what they desire as a form of reinforcement. Sexuality would be a good basic impulse reinforced through this process. Sexual content serves to attract and hold audience attention through reinforcement with conspicuous imagery. The utilization of sexuality in motion pictures, and to a more limited extent on commercial television, is now more prevalent with changes in social acceptance of such material. There is a social link between the expansion of sexuality in media and the social values of a given time and place. Cultural change is not widespread, and some places or communities will be more receptive than others to sexual content.

Peter J, Valkenburg PM. Adolescents' exposure to a sexualized media environment and their notions of women as sex objects. . 2007;56:381-395.

The Teen Media Study used the US Department of Agriculture food-group pyramid as a basis for the “media-diet” concept. The 2001–2002 study among 3261 7th- and 8th-graders (12–15 years old) introduced a new measure of exposure to sexual media content called the “sexual-media diet,” which took into account both the amount of time spent with 4 different media (TV, movies, music, and magazines) and the amount of sexual content in the specific vehicles (eg, programs, music albums)., This research by Brown and Steele, indicates that adolescents' media diets are governed primarily by the teen's developing sense of self and that their media diets differ greatly by gender and race.

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Get this from a library! Sexual teens, sexual media : investigating media's influence on adolescent sexuality. [Jane D Brown; Jeanne R Steele; Kim Walsh-Childers;] The RAND study, in a subsequent analysis that included an additional wave of survey data, also linked sexual media use to pregnancy among sexually active teens. An additional study linked sexual media exposure in the form of music videos to STIs. In addition, a wide variety of studies have linked exposure to sexual media to more permissive or recreational attitudes toward sex among youths and college students, or have found cross-sectional associations between media use and sexual behavior. Some of the attitudinal studies provide evidence of causal links between media use and short-term changes in attitudes and beliefs. While none of the studies of behavior reached causal conclusions (conducting a study that manipulates sexual content exposure to see whether it changes sexual behavior would be unethical by most standards), they provide some of the strongest evidence possible regarding the plausibility of such a relationship.

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