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It is commonplace to require service of all papers filed with the clerk. Rules of some other jurisdictions provide for the service of papers only on "adverse" parties. In view of the simplicity of service by mail, and the difficulty in some circumstances of determining who is an "adverse" party, there seems to be no good reason why a party who files a paper should not be required to serve all other parties to the proceeding in the appellate court. The common requirement of proof of service is retained, but the rule permits it to be made by certification, which may be endorsed on the copy that is filed.

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The reason is that process servers working for attorney services get paid by the serve. They deal in volume and bang on doors and make their money by serving papers on the low hanging fruit. The down side is that when the bang on the door of your sketchy defendant, is answered by your defendant, they will likely deny are the correct person and tell the process server to go away. At that point the defendant goes underground, stops answering their door and you have a vigilant paranoid defendant dodging you.

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If a soldier was entitled to receive any sort of pension due to his army service, a separate record was created although some information was duplicated from his service papers. These pension papers provide a good insight into a soldiers career although they focus more on his medical history rather than his service career.

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WW1 Army medal index cards are available through $ - if you have a subscription they are free. Otherwise you will have to pay £2 fee to download it if you get it through The National Archives website: $ . These cards contain details of name, rank, service number(s), unit(s) as well as confirmation of medal entitlement. Some of the cards have additional information on the reverse such as theatre of operations, home addresses, next of kin and so forth. Only Ancestry have copied both sides of these cards. Information on how to decipher the Medal Index Cards available at There is not an equivalent system for detailing medals awarded to members of the Royal Navy and RAF - medal details were recorded on the service papers and likewise, non-WW1 medals are only annotated on service records for all services. The tricks of serving process papers can, however, reach a point that the courts will not tolerate because they subvert the purpose of service or threaten to disrupt the administration of justice. The most intolerable abuse is called sewer service. It is not really service at all but is so named on the theory that the server tossed the papers into the sewer and did not attempt to deliver them to the proper party. Sewer service is a on the court, and an attorney who knowingly participates in such a scheme can be disbarred.In order to serve someone you must a) identify them b) inform them that they are being served and c) present them with the service papers. Note that if the first two are accomplished the third, presentation of the papers does not require their cooperation. So if you are staking out a subject and you see them approach their car and you call out they are being served, if they refuse to accept the papers you can toss them through an open window or slap them under the windshield wipers. The Clerk will give the copy of your petition that has the Summons and the attached Sheriff’s Entry of Service to the Sheriff’s Office. A sheriff will then go out and serve the opposing side with a copy of your petition. The sheriff will send you a copy of the service sheet indicating the date he/she either served, or attempted service on the opposing side. If the sheriff was unable to serve the opposing side at the address you listed, you will need to try to get a better address. Once you have another address for service, you will have to complete another Sheriff’s Entry of Service form and give it to the clerk, who will again give it to the sheriff. If you are certain that the address you provided was correct, indicate to the sheriff the best time of the day to serve the opposing party. If you have a picture of the opposing party, please attach it to the service papers.