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Jahoda (2012) criticizes discursive social psychology (DSP) on several different grounds; specifically, he argues that DSP has opaque methodological procedures, is of questionable scientific merit, involves over‐interpretation of its data, and implicitly claims its findings to be universal rather than contextually specific. We challenge these criticisms by arguing that observational studies of the kind typical within DSP research have a perfectly valid place within a scientific social psychology, that the interpretations made by DSP researchers should be seen in the context of a temporally extended research process in which they are subject to criticism and potential replication, and that Jahoda is himself guilty of over‐interpretation by inferring claims of universality when such an inference is not warranted by the data (i.e. the qualitative content of the sample of research papers considered by Jahoda).

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ADC BioScientific is the most experienced manufacturer of infrared gas analysers for measuring photosynthesis, having designed gas exchange instrumentation since 1969. Today, ADC manufactures an unparalleled range of portable photosynthesis and transpiration measurement systems. The LCpro-SD Portable Photosynthesis System was the first truly portable and affordable gas exchange system with full environmental control. Weighing just 4.5kg, the LCpro-SD is ideal for field research, and is essential for work in remote or harsh sites where the instrument must be carried for a few hours. These advantages made the LCpro-SD the system of choice for hundreds of researchers worldwide – just see the sample of research papers in our reference archive webpage.

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It is still hard to find a great sample of research papers in APA on the Internet American Psychological Association (APA) style is widely used by scientists and researchers. Students also often have to apply this style in their assignments. It is still hard to find a great sample of research papers in APA on the Internet. Of course, you can shop for a printed version of an APA manual, but the prices are high and the information provided there might not be helpful. A good example is better, than a list of requirements, don’t you agree? However, this is not completely true about research papers. Nevertheless, it is necessary to learn the basics first.

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The scientific proof needed to establish that Auricularia has definite medicinal power is lacking but it can be said that some experiments have been done and it is effective in lowering cholesterol and glucose levels in the blood of both rats and mice respectively. The hypercholesterolemic effect of this mushroom could be why it is said to be a good treatment of obstruction in arteries and veins, vascular sclerosis and hypertension. Since having high levels of cholesterol in the blood stream leads to more deposits in the arteries and veins and can lead to atherosclerosis and so obstruction of the veins and arteries. One of the causes of hypertension is narrowing of the renal arteries and so by decreasing the cholesterol levels in some way, then possibly the narrowing could be put on hold. The effects of Auricularia as shown from the evidence in this report have not been extensively tested [20]. To safeguard against the possibility that the search engine was not returning a representative sample of research papers I searched for two other medicinal mushroom, Lentinula edodes and Ganoderma. The search resulted in 44 and 42 articles being displayed respectively for these, compared with only 2 dealing with Auricularia. This shows that not much research has been done on this mushroom and so stimulated a visit to the nearest Chinese Medicine shop in Manchester, to find out their experience in the use of this mushroom and whether it was popular (panel following).

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