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Teacher: Stephen Stalter
Time: on Tuesdays 22nd of April 2008 – 27th of May 2008, in the afternoon between 14 and 17.15.
Place: First meeting in computer class info 138, others in sh12, Latokartanonkaari 7, B-building
Purpose (Academic Scientific Writing): To acquaint researchers with the conventions and methods of writing articles in English for publication in international journals. The class will serve as an editing workshop for writers, so there is no need to bring earlier writing samples to class with you. You will write in class and with these rough draft samples, learn together to be good editors of others’ and thus your own writing.
Purpose (Conference Presentation): To acquaint participants with the conventions and methods of good conference presentation and to assist them in improving their own presentation skills in English. The course will serve as a presentation workshop in which participants prepare and give a 10-12 minute presentation on a topic of their choice (presumably related to the student’s field of research). A 3-5 minute question and answer session will follow to allow listeners to pose questions to the presenter. Both students and the instructor will offer immediate written feedback on the presentations and will briefly discuss them for the benefit of all. Video recording of the presentations will serve as an invaluable tool to achieve the course goals. Students will receive a copy of their presentation on a CD-R for later viewing. Students will then complete and return to the instructor a questionnaire about their presentations.

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