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You will begin the process of writing the Researched Argument essay by asking a question related to one or more of the articles we have read this quarter (in the Essay Exam Unit) and then find, carefully read, and analyze related academic texts to help you answer this question. In other words, you will use critical reading and analytical writing as tools to help you learn about and inquire into an issue raised by our reading that you care about personally.

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After you have completed the final draft of your researched argumentative essay, perform an elements check to analyze the conclusions you draw. How does your point of view affect the conclusions you present? What impediments do you have that may have kept you from looking at the issue in an alternate light? What assumptions do you have that may have affected your reading, research, and interpretations? And so on. Write a 2-page analysis to submit along with the main essay.

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Reader Idea | He Said, She Said, I Say: A Researched Argument Essay. Welcome to the English 102 LibGuide! This Guide contains resources to support the ENG 102 Annotated Bibliography and Researched Argument Essay assignments (WP3 and WP4).

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In the first part of a course, students are absorbing both content and discipline-specific approaches to gathering and communicating knowledge. Some professors make informal assignments part of the calculation of final grades. Others use a portfolio approach that makes revision and self-evaluation a component of grading. Making early assignments weigh less heavily in the calculation of final grades or weighing revised work more heavily supports students as they learn discipline-specific ways of writing and thinking. If a high-stakes formal assignment (like a researched argument essay) is an important part of the course’s design, breaking the assignment into sections, providing a series of deadlines, and/or placing the final assignment deadline before the end-of-semester could provide opportunities for revision and help to combat plagiarism.

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