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Parts of Research Paper: Definition and Guidelines

At a glance, the requirement to write an original term paper or research paper sounds strange a little. What can originality mean when it comes to making a research project? Should an original term paper or research paper be decorated somehow? Or should you use some original writing techniques? Let us help you figure out everything and answer these questions.

What you can be sure about is that you do not have to use any kind of decorations to prepare original term papers or research papers.

When it comes to originality in research projects, professors do not mean an original or unusual appearance of your works, but their content. Let us give you more details.

Original research papers: meaning #1

Have you ever tried using a ? Or, have you just visited websites of custom writing companies? All of them promise one important thing – to deliver an original research paper for you, one of a kind, plagiarism free work. What we are talking about is that very often professors just wait for an independent student’s research, a work that they do on their own, honestly, using some research resources, and definitely documenting them in their paper. This is what usually an original research paper means in schools or colleges.

Original research papers: meaning #2

There is one more interpretation of an original research paper that is used in academia. An original research paper is the one based on original research, and here you need to define what original research is all about. In a few words, this kind of research produces new knowledge instead of summarizing what is already known in a new form. There are many ways to produce new knowledge: observations, experiments, new approaches to solving existing problems, etc. Very often, an original research paper is simply called a dissertation.

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What are the Main Parts of a Research Paper