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The course introduces students to the theory and practice of research methods in sociology, comprising both qualitative and quantitative methods. The first ten sessions (in the Michaelmas Term) cover quantitative methods and the design of quantitative social research. As the course does not cover hands-on quantitative data analysis, students are encouraged to take MY451 and MY452 to complement it. The ten seminars in the Lent address issues of research design, data collection and analysis in relation to qualitative research methods. Separate syllabi detailing course objectives, course style, readings, teaching arrangements and student assessment and for each of the two terms will be distributed at the beginning of each sequence.

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535 Ethnomethodology: Language and Social Interaction (For access to the syllabus located at: , please contact Professor Doug Maynard at )
754 Qualitative Research Methods in Sociology
755 Methods of Qualitative Research
901 The Grounded Theory Research Method

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topic is Research Methods in Sociology teaching research The Disciplinary Core introduces students to the basic concepts, methods and theories of sociological analysis. It consists of three courses: "Self & Society" which is usually taken in the first or second year; "Sociological Theory" and "Research Methods in Sociology" which are taken in sequence the first and second semesters of the junior year.

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SOC 207: Research Methods in Sociology (3 credits): This course introduces the methods of studying societies, human social interaction, and the rules and processes that bind and separate people as individuals and as members of various types of social groups. It covers: (1) a description of social inquiry, (2) the structure of social research, (3) four methods of data collection, and (4) basic methods of data analysis.

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719 Research Methods in Sociology - Examination of methodological issues and practices in sociology including creation of theory, research design and measurement, and various techniques of observation and data collection.