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The outline page should be well organized and structured, so that each sub topic is mentioned with proper page numbering. However, keep in mind that the outline format should maintain the proper flow of the information from one sub heading to other subtitle. As all the mentioned listing on the outline page will form the main body of the research essay, therefore the continuity is the key here.

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You will eventually enroll in a history class in which the instructor requires that you submit a research essay as part of your course requirement. Since the research essay requires some skills that differ from those of the short essay it is best if we spend some time talking about what those different skills might entail. By assigning a research essay, your instructor is asking you to commit yourself to some extended research culminating in a long essay on the order of 20-30 pages. (In advanced undergraduate seminars, you may be asked to write an even longer essay.) The essay must utilize either footnotes or endnotes and must also contain a bibliography.

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Think before you start writing. For selecting a topic, you need to have thorough knowledge of the subject. Research essay is the most exercised part of the assignments that many universities cover. The essay writing gives the insight of the various issues related with the topic and student is able to grasp the subject in depth.The writer here should not only take someone else’s point of view and prove it, but come up with an original idea to research on it and prove its correctness. The main features of research essay, therefore, are: