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With Brody gone, the new morally ambiguous good-guy, bad-guy is reluctant terrorist-to-be Aayan Ibrahim, a Pakistani medical student played by 's Suraj Sharma.

The third book, Caleb Kavon's, The Reluctant Terrorist: In Search Of the Jizo, started with a dream:

Cole, Teju: Open City; Cunningham, Michael: Specimen Days; DeLillo, Don: Falling Man; Gibson, William: Pattern Recognition; Halaby, Laila: Once in a Promised Land; Hamid, Mohsin: The Reluctant Terrorist; McCarthy, Tom: Remainder; McEwan, Ian: Saturday; Moore, Laurie: A Gate at the Stairs; O'Neill, Joseph: Netherland; Waldman, Amy: The Submission; Whitehead, Colson: Zone One

A Reluctant Terrorist by George Sax

Reluctant terrorist. But Fahmi is a reluctant terrorist who would rather meet his girlfriend in their illicit secret place than shoot at Israelis on the road to Jerusalem. The heavy hand of history and the burden of his past win out. However, Fahmi is not a monster, and that can be attributed in large part to his internal monologue, in which the reader is given a front row seat into the mind of a terrorist even as he lies comatose in an Israeli hospital. He is conflicted, complex and never predictable, and a touching, unlikely bond is formed with an Israeli-Russian nurse as Fahmi drifts "almost dead" between the two polarities of his comatose state.

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He was perhaps heavily influenced by his older brother, but Dzhokhar was not a reluctant terrorist. He willingly placed the bomb next to eight-year-old Martin Richard and walked away. Dzhokhar audaciously attended a party the same evening at school, where the focus of the party conversation was on the Boston Marathon bombing. Who could attend a party with such a cavalier indifference?

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THE RELUCTANT TERRORIST presents a plausible future in which the groundwork laid by the Patriot Act, Homeland Security, color-coded terror alerts and compromises on civil liberties blossoms against America's Jews.Jordan’s went on the air to give a coldly furious response, vowing “punishment and revenge.” He quickly followed through by hanging two prisoners, including the woman the extremists has identified. But the execution of , in prison since 2005, will bring the militants no closer to defeat. Al-Rishawi by most accounts was bumbling, ineffective, and reluctant terrorist, possibly even coerced into the act by the same variety of extremists who murdered the pilot.Leo Gershoy, Reluctant Terrorist, ch. 9; Carol Blum, Rousseauand the Republic of Virtue, chs. 8 and 10; David P. Jordan, Robespierre,pp. 2-22 and 150-64 What do you do when a country, a culture and their purveyors wrong you irreparably? You plant a bomb in a speeding train and hold the establishment to ransom.

Taking a cue from Hollywood's most watched bomb-maro-bomb rush-hour excursions into plunder-land, springs forward as nicely-packaged film.

Here we know Ajay Devgn is the closet terrorist. But since his fans won't like it, Devgn is, with due respect to Mira Nair, a reluctant terrorist, how reluctant, we won't reveal fully.

Devgn has a back story with screen wife Kangna Ranaut, who in keeping with her character's British domicile, sports blonde hair. No, this is not a joke.

Luckily, Priyadarshan's plot has a lot more going for itself than its leading lady's hair-to-stay problems. The director creates a game between 'terrorist' Devgn and cop Anil Kapoor who in true Hollywood style, is on the verge of retirement from service when duty beckons.

There are enough men on duty on both sides of the law here to fill up one section of Tihar jail. The narration allows elbow-room for an army of actors laden with anxious motivations and tense expressions to match, all hurling like the speeding train towards an uncertain nemesis. Luckily, the plot finds itself a convincing finale. And we can go home feeling all is not lost for the slick action genre in Bollywood. There is hope.

There are some jaw-dropping action sequences here. Some of them, like Devgn and Kapoor's fist-to-fist in the grand finale and the search for Devgn in a hospital's car park, are so expertly executed they make you forget how far Bollywood lags behind in the action genre from its firangi counterpart. But then again some of the stunts like the one where passengers from the bomb-threatened train climb into a safe train, are done clumsily.

Curiously, Zayed Khan and Sameera Reddy who play Devgn's accomplices in the terror crime are given one extended chase sequence, each. They show remarkable agility in their given space. Ditto the film's technicians. Thiru S. Appan's camera looks at London with keen anticipation.

"He's Indian, not Pakistani," Boman confidently informs cop Anil Kapoor with a straight face.

The absurdities don't swamp . True its title, the tale of a bomb and a Boman trying to diffuse the crisis, whizzes by at breakneck speed.

Priyadarshan tackles what's a new genre for him, with pleasure and aplomb. Ajay Devgn, Anil Kapoor, Boman Irani, Sameera Reddy and Zayed Khan furnish a flavour of slickness to a story that holds your attention till the end.

Not quite edge-of-the-seat, the thrills in are engaging enough to keep us watching.