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If you have subcontracts on this proposal, please provide us with a copy of the subcontactor's approval letter, budget, budget justification, and statement of work and other requirements needed by the agency and send to Proposal Services. This documentation is required for authorization and therefore must be submitted prior to routing.

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Many organizations only need part-time grant writing services. Due to the cyclical nature of grant applications, it often makes more sense to pay for grant writing services only when you need them. Why pay the cost of a full-time grant writer if you don’t need that? Use the experience and quality of GrantWriting & Proposal Services.

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As a leader in proposal support services, PW Communications continues to
Perhaps you usually employ a full-time grant writer but are now needing interim grant writing services until you can find a full-time person who meets your standards. GrantWriting & Proposal Services can work with you on an interim basis until you find that “right” person.

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Searching for a qualified, full-time grant writer? Use GrantWriting & Proposal Services to search for the “right” person who will be a good fit. In collaboration with 1-2-1 Executive Search, we maintain a database of resumes and contact information for grant writers who are looking for a new position.

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Proposal Development Services Inc. (PDS Co.) is a small specialty services firm offering counseling, training, and the complete guidance, leadership, and support of complex proposals to business and government customers.

Arial">Too busy? A packed calendar is not a problem, as we can conduct the review to work around your schedule. If desired, we can complete much of the analysis off-site. We provide a documentation list, and all you need to do is gather and provide the materials. Interviews can be conducted on or off-site with a very flexible schedule at your convenience. Optional focus groups are the only aspect of this service that must be performed on-site, but they are definitely a great way to gain a true understanding of customer perspectives and overall satisfaction with the proposal shop services.
Arial">Through documentation reviews, observation, interviews, and focus groups with proposal operations employees and focus groups with business unit customers accessing proposal services, the assessment uncovers what works and what doesn’t. Combined with review of representative submitted proposals, the analysis helps organizations achieve positive results by competing more effectively to win more bids. We provide an oral and written briefing that documents our findings and provides detailed recommendations and actionable next steps.Writing a proposal is an involved process. It must be approached carefully and methodically. A proposal often includes several pages of data and analysis. Let the proposal writing experts at handle all the difficult work for you. We can write any business or academic proposal you may need. We work with you from the beginning to the end. Let us help you avoid the stress involved with writing a proposal.