Boyer, Ashley Problems Facing American Education

Some of the problems with US education are rooted in American psychology, the panelists agreed, with loud acclimation from the audience. The US doesn’t truly believe that our national future is based on how well educated our children are. “If we truly did,” said Darling-Hammond, “we would take two aircraft carriers and turn them into enough money to fund our public schools.”

To frame the debate, there's clearly a lot of problems with US education

The POTUS is a fool when he attempts to speak about education. He never taught. Where does he get the audacity to threaten someone's job for that which is beyond their control? Let Obama put his money where his mouth is and instead of blaming teachers come up with a program that addresses the substantial problems with US education. Anybody can criticize. It is disgraceful for Obama to keep spewing accountability for teachers when there is none for him or his administration. Who does he blame for the financial crisis? I didn't hear him say all on Wall Street should be fired. He is trying as hard as he can to not get reelected with this speech and he has succeeded in losing this vote.

What Are The Most Serious Problems in Schools

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