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In many cases, your professor will require primary research for a specific paper or project. Both physical and social science professors often require primary research in under-division courses to help students get a feel for primary research techniques. The good news is that professors usually announce when they require you to conduct primary research so that there isn’t any room for confusion. Still, it is always a good idea to carefully check the research requirements for all course assignments to determine the expectations of your professor.

Secondary data and primary research techniques for advertising and public relations decisions

So why has not primary data collection evolved, even though consumers and their thought processes have changed? Primary data requires data scientists to get human attention and keep it for a period of time. As everything around us has become faster, our attention span has gone south. Primary research techniques, however, seem to have ignored this significant change in consumer behavior.

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They must collect data on the issues using primary research techniques The methodologies utilized by EnerChemTek to gather information and generate meaningful knowledge and insight, through research reports include both, primary research techniques as well as secondary techniques. Primary research sources include in-depth discussions and in-person or telephone interviews with industry or business function experts, surveys, and use of proprietary models. Secondary techniques include analyses of official and non-official documents, other publications such as books, articles from specialized magazines, annual reports, web-based information, and statistics from governmental and private organizations.

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SATOV helps these clients scour the market for more customers that they can serve as profitably, while identifying the unique offerings they can leverage to new customer segments. As in numerous Private Equity situations, sometimes companies just want to know if the profitable customers they have are happy enough to continue to grow and multiply. We use our in-house primary research techniques to garner insight on the market to help our clients make informed decisions about existing or new potential customers.

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If you are interesting in building your skills and learning powerful primary research techniques, and you live outside of the Northern California area, no problem. You can take the classes through the The allows you to develop your skills from , and it is designed to fit into your schedule. You will receive a course booklet, and personalized training with Prof. Ampim. With each lesson you submit, you will receive comments, corrections, and insight from Prof. Ampim. Call or email to find out more details.The nature, scope and specific objectives of the custom project will determine the mix of qualitative and quantitative research. Typical primary research techniques and methods are as follows: