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ViPS contracted Porter Research, an independent research company, to conduct primary research interviews with community Leaders in an effort to better understand the state of the collaborative market and challenges they face.

Primary Research Interview

The first campaign took place between mid-January and mid-March 2007. A further 10-second TV advertisement was launched on the 5th March. The FSA undertook some primary research interviews to find out if how effective the campaign had been in making people more aware.

Primary research is suitable where the area of research is small

1 Hanover Research Research Associate, Primary Research interview questions and 1 interview reviews Client: University Office of Technology Transfer
Business: New technologies related to a particular disease
Project Scope: miLEAD conducted secondary research to develop a comprehensive disease overview and identify potential unmet needs in the market that researchers at the university could address with their technologies. Primary research interviews with physicians and insurance providers were conducted to build upon the secondary research and identity attitudes and key drivers in the market. miLEAD concluded the project with recommendations for how the tech transfer office should proceed with new technologies targeting diagnosis and treatment of the disease of interest.

Market Research MethodsMy Market Research Methods

In the past direct consumer interactions were mostly restricted to calls or complaints into the call center. Most retail and consumer companies were surprised when consumers began to reach out and communicate to them directly via digital and social media. Responding to individual consumers was not their expertise. In fact, consumer conversations were unheard of beyond regimented settings such as facilitated focus groups and primary research interviews.

Interview as a Method for Qualitative Research