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The items included in the questionnaire were derived from a literature review regarding the causes and strategies to prevent childhood obesity.,,,,,, It included 25 possible causes of childhood obesity and 13 possible measures to prevent obesity. The individual items are listed in and respectively. For each of the causes and preventive measures, subjects were asked to indicate how important they felt they were on a four-point scale; not important; quite important; very important; extremely important. In addition, respondents were asked to indicate their age, sex, marital status, education level and whether they were parents.

Other possible causes of obesity are coming to light in other areas of research.

We assessed physician beliefs about the causes of obesity with the question, “How important is each of the following possible causes of obesity for your patients?” For each cause (over consumption of food, restaurant/fast food eating, consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages (SSB), genetics/family history, and metabolic defect), physicians indicated whether it was very important, somewhat important, not very important, or not at all important. We dichotomized variables for each cause where 1 was “very important” and 0 was otherwise, which we selected based on cut-points in the data.

Human Instincts – Possible Causes of Obesity and Other Problems

To stimulate debate, Allison and colleagues suggest 10 other possible causes of obesity You have touched a burning topic and that too with a lot of useful information. Every possible cause of obesity is taken care of. Let the preventive steps and causes are circulated to bigger audience. Voted up and tweeted..

Possible causes of obesity in developing countries

This section will explore possible causes of obesity, some of the social effects and stereotypes placed on those that are obese, and the effects of excess body fat on health and how these factors are related to one’s thinking or general psychology. This section will also cover major current examples as well as some popular arguments and misconceptions about obesity.

Possible Causes of Obesity From Anxiety

Basal metabolic rate has also been studied as a possible cause of obesity. Basal metabolic rate, or metabolism, is the body's expenditure of energy for normal resting functions. Basal metabolic rate is accountable for 60% of total energy expenditure in sedentary adults. It has been hypothesized that obese individuals have lower basal metabolic rates. However, differences in basal metabolic rates are not likely to be responsible for the rising rates of obesity.[]Esparza, J., Fox, C., Harper, I.T., Bennett, P.H., Schulz, L.O., Valencia, M.E. & Ravussin, E. 2000. Daily energy expenditure in Mexican and USA Pima Indians: low physical activity as a possible cause of obesity. 24(1): 55-59.