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use a graphic organizer to identify the parts of a persuasive piece of writing

Read aloud a persuasive piece of writing such as an op-ed and have the students identify the elements. Fill in the graphic organizer on the display board with details the students identify. See Bibliographical Resources for persuasive articles to read aloud.

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Write a persuasive piece of writing arguing for or against global laws banning whaling. When you go through a college or university program it helps to know that other students have been in your position before. If you are tasked with trying to write a persuasive piece of writing and don’t know where to start, consider talking to your fellow students and see if they have an example of work that they did. Reviewing their work will give you valuable guidance to move forward with the assignment and help to do the best possible work that you can. Plus, you may see any mark ups or comments from the instructor and gain insight into what you should be doing.

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As I establish my writer's workshop routines with my new students each Fall, they observe me think out loud during pre-writing, writing, revising, and publishing . By semester break in January, my students will each have taken a narrative, expository, and persuasive piece of writing (in any order) through the steps of the writing process...and so will I. Below are the three pieces of writing I have already created (or am creating) in front of my students during the Fall of 2011. I include them here for two purposes:

Sample Persuasive Writing Piece - Annenberg Learner