Personal reflective writing is part of secondary schooling

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Middle/top set resource developing skills in personal reflective writing

The structure of personal reflective writing does not differ considerably from the other types of essays. It should consist of an introduction, presenting the topic of the work, and attracting the reader’s attention; the main body, listing your key ideas supported with samples and evidence from the real life; and a conclusion, summarizing the plot of the work, giving advice, etc.

Develop skills for personal reflective writing and goal setting

Jesus helped guide students through 40 days of outdoor expeditions and personal reflective writing You would not recognize Jesus today. This summer, as the Adventure Risk Challenge (ARC) intern in Yosemite National Park, he confidently taught lessons about wilderness skills and leadership. Jesus helped guide students through 40 days of outdoor expeditions and personal reflective writing. Fulfilling ARC’s mission, he worked with the staff to empower underserved youth through integrated literacy and wilderness experiences.


The use of personal, reflective writing exercises is well documented in the disciplines of composition and management, and each discipline has been highly influential in establishing pedagogical practices in the business communication classroom. However, we see little evidence of the pedagogical practice, the use of personal reflective writing exercises, in the teaching of business communication. This article looks at pedagogy and theory that informs the use of personal, reflective writing exercises in composition and management and suggests the relevance of these same practices in business communication classrooms today. Building on relevant pedagogical theory and practice, the author also makes the claim that personal reflective writing exercises can make students better writers and more effective managers and leaders. The article concludes with sample exercises that readers might try in their own business communication classrooms.

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