Top 10 Arguments Against Stem Cell Research

What scientists have problems with is over-enthusiastic or zealous ethicists. People against (relatively compassionate) animal testing, people against stem cell research, etc. Those fields are supposedly controversial, yet I'm pretty sure that 90%+ scientists agree that a blob of non-sentient cells do not count as a human life.

If results like this are being produced, why are there people against stem cell research

The final argument for the people against embryonic stem cells research is the scientific flaws that could be involved with the use of embryonic stem cells in therapies. According to Wikipedia (2008), one concern with embryonic stem cell treatments is that sometimes stem cells from embryos can create tumors. The bottom line of this argument is that stem cells may not be as good as some scientists say they are. The main issue of this raging debate is whether potential embryonic life should be treated the same way as you or me.

The Cases For and Against Stem Cell Research | Fox News

People against (relatively compassionate) animal testing, people against stem cell research, etc A woman is killed who his connected with a stem-cell research company.

The episode goes on to make the viewer believe that the people involvedin this killing and others are connected because of the research. Theyshowed people protesting, yelling and screaming. As usual pro-lifersare put in a bad light.

This story was complicated and went in to many directions. Too manyscenes with Lewis and Hathaway sipping water or coffee or alwayscarrying a cup to be believed.

In the end one of the culprits with a Cross around her neck is involvedin the killing.

Faith and religion are also put in a bad light by "Lewis" in othervideos.

The media seems to always put Crosses on killers or the bad people inthe scripts even in the US. This is no different. I am verydisappointed in the way Christians and people against stem cellresearch are cast as portrayers of crimes in stories like this whicheven has nothing to do with the plot of this story.

The Case Against Stem Cell Research

Stem cell research is 100% beneficial to science as it advances our understanding of the human body and provides a treatment to many diseases that otherwise do not have a cure, case in point AIDS. Stem cell research is also completely vital to the replacement of animals in animal experimentation.

The only people against stem cell research are dumbass conservatives who think "It's harming GAWD'S children.". First off, it's not a child if it isn't sentient. Secondly, IT'S NOT HARMING THEM. Taking 1 stem cell doesn't do anything as that cell is replaced via mitosis. So sick to see that it takes a double standard, cognitive dissonance situation to turn a conservatard around (case in point- Ron Reagan, just cause daddy had Alzheimers). Disgusting.

Against stem cell research This ..