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This is how the abstract of your USA patriot act research papers would look like, that was just a rough example; try to improve it more while writing.

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USA might be a daunting task for student; this is why we are providing a brief guideline on how to write USA patriot act research paper in no time, the roadmap is as follows.

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Watch out for the Patriot Act Research Paper scam. Renniel Fernandez is still running it! He places fake personals ads on Craigslist that are supposed to be from a girl. Now, you have to introduce the topic that is the highlighting the pros and cons of USA patriot act. You have to tell the readers who benefited from the provisions of USA patriot act? Who get harmed? What are the consequences of the act etc answer the given questions by searching them over the internet and create a good introduction for your USA patriot act research paper.

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