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Original writing by Ben Thompson in Matilda Baker Roberts Album of Friendship along with his gift to her of the Gold Diamond Bracelet. Courtesy of S. Patterson. Photo taken by Lisa Smith, April 30, 2012.

Almost 40 short stories and memoir pieces are packed into the sixth anthology of Original Writing from Ireland's Own, which is on sale now.

For a more advanced guide, please look at my tutorial on original writing for Advanced course work. Click on the link below to go to this guide:

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The aim of this coursework module is to develop candidates' own expertise as writers, by requiring them to write for different audiences and purposes. Although the specification avoids prescribing any single model or definition, the following are examples of the types of original writing which candidates might choose to submit:

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At Original Essay Writers, there is no room and excuse for plagiarism. Observing the trends in academic circles we have devised a stringent policy to deal with issues related to plagiarism. Firstly, all the essays that customers order at our company are written from scratch with proper research work and referencing following the correct writing format. Secondly, if any of our writers is caught indulged in plagiarism he/she is immediately fired from the job. Thirdly, we have strict hiring criteria where every candidate who applies for the writing job has to pass tough writing tests only then he/she is allowed to process your essay papers.This was a great post. The search for an original writing idea drives me insane. I find myself constantly passing on ideas out of fear that I’ll be seen as a copycat. Your post has given me renewed hope that people will be able to see my stories not for how they are similar to other stories, but for the way I make them my own. Thanks for the morale boost!But if someone is going to pay a writer, this changes things. In this case there is a client and the writer is working for this person or, more likely, this organization. , even if it's for something as modest as your school report. For work in the category of original writing, you should ideally have (or invent) a client, for whom your writing will be published. Put this another way - try to think of people other than you who would want (or need) to read what you write, and of someone (perhaps the reader, perhaps the publisher, perhaps some other group) who would be ready to pay you for it. If the answer is , then perhaps you should start again. Here is a sample of the original writing of Juan Ramón Jiménez, an author considered today to be the father of Spanish contemporary poetry. Mercedes Juliá, Ph.D., professor of Spanish and chair of the Department of Modern Languages and Literature, has been working to translate the more than 1,500 pages of original writing, which, when ready for publication, will most likely be divided into three volumes.