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This trend is clearly evident when it comes to discussions about organic food. While natural food advocates can debate the pros and cons of living an organic food lifestyle, its important not to lose sight of the science that can support either view.

Evolving Organic Lifestyle – How to follow the evolving organic food lifestyle

All kinds of things. I want to grow the platform, write more content and explore more lifestyle-focused deals. I’m also very passionate about living healthy and organic and I want to give my readers insight into the organic food lifestyle and how they can eat healthy while not spending a lot of money.

After eating Nancy’s food for only five days, ..

In my industry we like to find people who are totally into the organic food lifestyle The trend of the moment, the Raw Organic Food lifestyle is dedicated to the cuisine of Raw and Living Food, the best you can give yourself to save your vital energy and fuel your body.

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I wanted to learn more about the new organic food lifestyle that we had just undertaken so I started to read up on organic versus genetically modified foods. I was horrified to learn about the current state of food production in the U.S. and the misleading information on food labeling the government allows. I first learned the horrors of factory farming when I read by Jeffrey Masson. His book really opened my eyes, and immediately after reading it, I decided to become a vegetarian. I didn’t want to eat foods that came from sick animals who were fed abnormal diets filled with antibiotics and hormones. I also decided that it was time to do something about my weight. I stood five feet and eleven inches tall and my weight had skyrocketed up to whopping 212 pounds. A few of my friends were starting Weight Watchers together and, though I knew nothing about the program, I decided to join them. I quickly realized that a lot of the vegetarian food options like milk, cheese and eggs are “high point” food options on Weight Watchers, so I started to avoid them and instead filled up on organic fruits and vegetables. Doing this, I felt satiated and stayed within my daily point allowance. But for the egg whites I still ate and the skim milk in my coffee, my diet had suddenly and unintentionally, become nearly vegan. By the end of four months, I lost 45 pounds.

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