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Being a former beauty queen, I think G should have enough brains to stick to her side of the field. If she wants to give opinions on beauty pageants then fine. She should first and foremost, not meddle with politics and politicians. As a celebrity, she should have known that her opinions will be read and evaluated by many. It will also reflect negatively on the Indian community. So, she should never have opened her big mouth on this issue. Now, trotting down the same path, we have another ball carrier who is out for self fame and benefits. She really has a thick skin and no qualms whatsoever in selling the Indian community. G- are you aware of what happened to Dato CT when she told KJ to be more polite when dealing with FAM? Thousands of her fans spat back at her comment by saying she should just stick with singing and stop meddling with politics. So, G – if you have any political ambitions, please drop it. You make a lousy role model and an even lousier political figure…

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Personally I think it’s all about money and pizzazz!! On an episode of “Little Miss Perfect” an adorable little girl was ostracized in my eyes for not having a beautiful flowing gown, flappers, extensions, whatever. She had natural beauty though!! Nobody paid any attention to her just escorted her off stage. That mother worked very hard to get her daughter there, they lived in a trailer and her mother made all of her costumes. She had this routine where she carried a snake onstage around her neck. The point was she made the best out of what she had and nobody cared cause she didn’t have all the glitz and glamour. That one episode changed my whole opinion on beauty pageants.

Are child beauty pageants wrong

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Clemson winning games, not beauty pageants