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Nordic myths and legends.

For me, that makes the Nordic mythology a more advanced sort of religion, one that looks past its own demise – that’s rare even in today’s religions. I find it fascinating to see how much of what has been hidden from the wave of Christianization burning through Europe survived, and how much could be reconstructed from the few sources that remained. Without a doubt the Greek and Roman religions and their cultures have influenced the way the Christian religion developed, and thus played a major role in the way humans in Europe evolved and spread throughout the world. The impact of the Nordic myths and legends is less visible. I know that they have been misused in the Third Reich, and still there are many people who misuse them to this day. However, I personally believe that the Nordic myths and legends shaped our point of view much more than we give them credit for.

The tales – or stories, legends, or myths – of Norse mythology, ..

Russian Dark Ambient project from Kirov, apparently inspired by Nordic myths and legends SPECIAL AND UNEXPECTED THINGS
1. The Iceland exhibition – in which Iceland as the Guest of Honour to the Fair offered something special, quiet time, a space to reflect and calm down. I loved the video installation cube that you can stand inside or lie down inside of, and experience Iceland – made me think of the movie , and of Viking and Nordic myths and legends, of, and of Iceland as the place where the umbilical cord or navel of the planet is, that connects the deep fiery interior with the surface of the earth, ice and fire, the northern lights, and hot geysers gushing out exhaling.

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In 1788 Fuseli married Sophia Rawlins, whom he used as a model in a number of erotic and macabre paintings. In (1799) she was also referred in the figure of the feared Medusa; the sight of her head turned all living things into stone. The early feminist Mary Godwin (Wollstonecraft), whose portrait Fuseli painted, planned a trip with him to Paris, but after Sophia's intervention the Fuselis door was closed to her forever. "," Fuseli once said, "they are only troublesome." Fuseli's 'Milton Gallery', which was exhibited in 1799, was a financial failure. Fuseli also illustrated Dante, Spenser's , Nordic myths and legends, the , medieval poems, and fairy tales.

Norse Mythology: The Myths and Legends of the Nordic Gods