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While there is reason to believe that the effects of new media may differ from those of traditional media, there is little empirical evidence on this issue. Indeed, few studies of new media effects have been conducted. However, there are studies describing how these media are used by adolescents and the types of new media in which sexual content is known to reside that speak to this issue. Below, we review these studies and the limited available evidence regarding new media influence on adolescent sexuality. Our literature search identified five types of new media about which relevant research has been conducted: (1) online pornography, (2) online social networking sites, (3) online chat rooms, (4) "sexting" (the posting or sending of sexual text or sexual images of oneself), and (5) video games. We look at each of these media, in turn, below. We begin with the three media that are Internet-specific (online pornography, social networking, and chat rooms) and then turn to those that cross platforms (for example, sexting occurs online as well as via cell phone, and we discuss both on- and offline video games because the literature combines the two). In the section on Internet-specific media, we also review the fairly substantial literature concerning online sexual solicitation. While not a specific medium, it is a form of sexual content, both created and received, that occurs in new media and is therefore clearly relevant to the issues addressed in this paper.

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