Nev Nnaji is the producer/director of Reflections Unheard: Black Women in Civil Rights, an upcoming feature-length documentary which focuses on the marginalization of black women between the Black Power and Feminist movements of the 1960s and 1970s.

Marginalization Of Women verb (used with object), marginalized, marginalizing

This issue was inspired by a lazy afternoon and a recent episode of Oprah: which I admit to with more than slight embarrassment. The episode was about the "Marginalization of Women" to use Oprah's terminology. Guests included Karrine Steffans (The author of Confessions of a Video Vixen), Pink talking about her new song Stupid Girls, Ariel Levy (The author of Female Chauvinist Pigs), a recruiter for Girls Gone Wild on spring break and the resident psychologist Dr. Robin. My chagrin is not due to the fact I was sucked into the pop culture phenomenon that is the Oprah show, but due to the fact that she initiated a conversation that we should be engaged in as sexual violence professionals and advocates. My first thought was that we should be leading the conversation. I wanted to hear the debate spill out of conference rooms, rape crisis centers, shelters and lecture halls and onto the small screen not the other way around.

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An essay or paper on Marginalization of Women During the conference, participants launched the Nigerian Women Interparty Forum, which recognizes the marginalization of women party leaders and the importance of unity, regardless of party, to give a voice to women in politics. The women leaders also participated in workshops on intraparty and interparty communication, and outreach strategies to ensure that women activists at all levels within a party structure have input into decisions.

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4. The move to exclude those photos and the earlier move to stop publishing photos of women entirely was largely driven by Hungarian-type hasidic publications – i.e., Satmar's Der Yid in Brooklyn and Edah Haredit-influenced publications in Israel. The Israeli Hamodia, which is controlled by Gur hasidim, who are infamous for their bizarre sexual restriction and marginalization of women, was actually more liberal on the issue of publishing women's photos and, as the Times of Israel piece notes (but without explaining the affiliations and the politics), once it stopped publishing photos of women's faces, it for a time replaced them with drawings of women's faces.

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