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As Sophocles furthers this elucidation of the sometimes-paradoxical relationship between betrayal and loyalty, Antigone is eventually captured for attempting to bury her brother. She is brought before Creon and asked to explain her actions, which she does in such a way as expresses both the familial loyalty to which she is committed and a kind of loyalty to Creon’s monarchy. Anitgone does so by first forcefully taking ownership of her decision to bury her brother, in betrayal of Creon’s directive, but then by imploring Creon to recognize the immorality of the directive itself. As such, Sophocles seems to suggest that loyalty and betrayal are here so inextricably linked as to be indistinguishable in that Antigone’s expression of familial loyalty functions to the same effect with regard to safeguarding the institutional integrity of her ruler’s kingdom, despite that Creon identifies Antigone as having betrayed him in this regard.

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In Antigone, the last of the Three Theban Plays, Sophocles appropriates the domineering leadership style of Creon in order to highlight the manner in which tyrannical ruling practices reveal or provoke expressions of loyalty and betrayal; fundamental traits with regard to monarchical order. In so doing, Sophocles illustrates the confounding nature of these pivotal characteristics in that it is often difficult to distinguish one from the other until the party most affected by them is so affected. For Creon, the failure to successfully navigate this difficulty is not only instructive, but also destructive.

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Bitter Choices: Loyalty and Betrayal in the Russian Conquest of the North Caucasus If Al Capone, Bugsy Siegel and "The Godfather" pretty much encompass your mythical idea of mob lore, you will be sharply awakened by the gripping candor of former and underbosses who talk about their life in organized crime on the four-hour documentary "Loyalty and Betrayal: The Story of the American Mob."

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Sophocles' Antigone is a seminal work of classic Greek literature. This essay explores the themes of loyalty and betrayal in the work, and how the concepts are intertwined. If you're looking to , please visit the for more information.

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things. The interesting thing about them, is in most cases you cannot have one without the other. This website will explain the relationship between loyalty and betrayal as a literary device.Are loyalty and betrayal mutually exclusive? To what and to whom do we owe fidelity and how and why do we pervert it? We will seek—and maybe answer—questions like these as we examine works from Shakespeare to Borges.The title is usually translated as "The Finger Man," though "The Snitch" would be more idiomatic. But the difference between loyalty and betrayal is never what it seems, as in the classic film noir of which Melville was a big fan.Provided to YouTube by Ingrooves

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