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It is my belief that Texas longhorns are among the finest breeds of cattle for sale in the world today, and that spread of this stock can only benefit both ranchers and consumers of beef anywhere these animals are available. Our longhorn cattle beef for sale is a healthy, economically efficient alternative to unhealthy feedlot stock and makes the most of the possibilities of this fascinating all-American breed of cattle.

Longhorn Beef for sale

Susan and I moved to a ranch in Decatur, Texas back in August of 2001. Being located on the old Chisolm Trail, we decided that it was only fitting that we should raise Texas Longhorn cattle. We started with 2 head in 2002 and now run anywhere from 20 to 50 head of cattle. Cattle and lean longhorn beef are for sale at all times. We are really proud of our herd and would love to show you around. Longhorns are beautiful animals and everyone with an acreage should consider having a couple. So give us a call or contact us via email and make plans to stop by for a visit.

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DBR's Texas longhorn beef for sale is grass fed and finished on our ranch, please call us today for more information. Longhorn beef for sale has become much more common in today's world than it was just a few decades ago. This is excellent news for those who want to enjoy the benefits of eating robust portions of meat but want to avoid the problems caused by saturated fat, growth hormones, and other unnatural alterations or additives from industrial feedlots.

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Offering organic longhorn beef for sale is something of a personal mission for me, a way of life as much as a business. Longhorns adapted to the harsh conditions of the Old West and the relative neglect and lack of human care when all the cowhands were drafted into the armies of the Civil War by producing healthy, high quality meat from sparse forage. Some of the facts about longhorn meat include:

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