The full impact of the Industrial Revolution would ..

The long term effects of the Industrial Revolution is still shown today. Over the years many improvements have been made like the change in ideas, new ideas on how women should be treated, easier ways to manufacture products and better plans for the future and ways that the world should run. With these enhancements, the standards of most city dwells have been raised.

What are the short and long term effects of the industrial revolution?

The Industrial revolution had both immediate effects and long term effects on peoples lives. One immediate effect would be the rise of factories. Rise of factories was an immediate effect of the industrial revolution because mass productions of goods was done in poorly lilted, dirty factories therefore a rise in factories. One long term effect of the Industrial revolution is the increase in new...

And with the very same mechanisms and effects that brought ..

You will learn about the effects of the Industrial Revolution on living .. Then came along the ‘gentleman’s’ architectural club: the beaux arts schools, etc. But then came along the long term effects of the Industrial Revolution, and all of a sudden there came along this ideological experiment that pitted the vernacular against the possibility of what mass production had to offer us. Suddenly architects offered value because they pushed the technological, social and political agendas of what it means to be part of modern society.

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