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And that's that. Three English literature dissertation topics you should never use. I should point out that this is simply my opinion; you might do something great with these topics... Spoiler: You won't.

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Literature Dissertation Topics · November 19, 2015 by John·0 Comments English literature dissertation topics can be extremely specific. You can analyse a single work, defining a question for it and trying to answer it through research and analysis. Ambiguities in work are excellent places to start. For example, Arthur C. Clarke's "2001: A Space Odyssey" has a variety of ambiguous notes, such as the failure of HAL 9000 and Bowman's ultimate destiny. You could write a paper that tries to answer the questions that the author left open-ended, shedding light on both the author and the work itself.

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Okay, your time in college is almost at an end. No more lectures, no more assignments, no more alcohol; all you have to do is write a good English literature dissertation. This is, however, no easy task. You could be the best writer in your college and still fail due to a lousy topic. So, how do you know if you've chosen a good dissertation topic? What makes one a poor and ill advised choice? We're here to help you distinguish a good English literature dissertation topic from a bad one in this list of three English literature dissertation topics you should never (ever) use.

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