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The victims all hailed from the Higholborn Street and Gold Street areas of the Southside community in downtown Kingston. They were identified as being too closely linked to the opposition Jamaica Labour Party and were singled out as being prime targets for neutralization by members of the leading Peoples National Party (then headed by the now deceased Michael Manley). The Military Intelligence Unit of the Jamaican army was required by government members to take "all reasonable steps" to ensure removal either overtly or covertly of anyone who was deemed to be a threat to the Islands' security and to the smooth running of the PNP government.

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Having now signed to the Frontline label in the U.K., Big Youth's debut album for the Virgin subsidiary was 1978's Isaiah First Prophet of Old, a fiercely roots record produced by D Russell. The DJ also had a cameo role in the movie Rockers. He's absolutely unmistakable, stepping out of a flash car and flashing a smile that shows off his front teeth embedded with red, yellow, and green jewels, as his long dreads whip around his face. But behind these eye-catching trappings was a thoughtful and thought-provoking DJ, as his records proved time and time again. 1978 also saw the release of the "Green Bay Killers" single, a fierce diatribe on the death of a group of rastafarians at the hands of the Jamaican army. Perhaps Big Youth was now seen as too radical for Virgin, and the label chose not to release the DJ's next two albums, Progress and Rock Holy. Nor did they pick up on the former's dub companion, the excellent Reggae Gi Dem Dub, remixed by the up and coming master Sylvan Morris. However, the toaster's grip on Jamaica was also beginning to loosen, and a new generation of chatterers were beginning to come to the fore.

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Browse Jamaica Army pictures, photos, images, GIFs, and videos on Photobucket The team was recruited from the Jamaican army, not the racetrack, according to Stokes, although the initial interest did arise from pushcart racing as it appears in the film.

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The capital city of the Cayman Islands is Georgetown. This is where the cruise ships dock and where an abundance of duty free shops await. Sighted by Christopher Columbus on May 10th 1503, the Cayman Islands were first named Las Tortugas after the large amount of sea turtles that covered the surface of the ocean back then. They say you could walk on the backs of turtles to reach shore there were so many! Sir Francis Drake was the first recorded English visitor to the islands and in 1586 he named the islands the ‘Cayman Islands’ after the Latin name for alligator. From then on, a variety of nationalities settled the islands including pirates, shipwrecked sailors, deserters from the Jamaican army, Spaniards, Scottish and English merchant marines. Permanent settlements of the islands began in the 1730’s and the Cayman Islands were governed as a single colony when Jamaica became its own sovereignty in 1962.

Jamaican army officer defends military involvement in crime fighting