ISIS Research Papers on the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria

Aug 15 2014 Reflections on the Contributions of Dr. Frances Cress Welsing. The Fifth ... Cress Theory of Color Confrontation the heralded Isis Papers..

The ISIS Papers A Compilation of the Statements of the Salafi Scholars on ISIS/ISIL _____ ....

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Afrocentricity vs. Homosexuality: The Isis Papers

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The ISIS Papers is an awesome and exciting book to read

descent reside (we could add other peoples of color but the focus here is on African ... The Isis papers: The keys to the colors. Chicago: Third World Press..

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Dr. Frances Cress Welsing's The Isis Papers (Third World Press, 1991) is one of the most popular texts of the much debated but loosely defined ideology of afrocentricity. Arguing for the African origins of civilization by highlighting Egyptian and other Africans' pioneering achievements in architecture, science, and philosophy, afrocentric interpretations of history subvert traditional eurocentric fabrications. Afrocentric scholars also potentially open a path toward a new humanism, one which includes everybody with an African ancestry—the whole human race.have met the author) entitled The Isis Papers: The Keys to the Colours written by Dr Frances Cress Welsing an. African American sister who studied psychiatry .Welsing offers The Isis Papers as a revolutionary treatise. This makes many of her assertions even more problematic. By equating Black manhood with "not macho or money" but "warrior or soldier against the system," she attempts to deny Black homosexuals and women, whites, and others, their necessary role as revolutionaries against white supremacy. She suffers from the common reasoning among Black middle-class voices (common especially now in books articulating their "rage") that are surprised and/or disappointed that "even when high income is allowed, there is no true power in its ultimate sense—meaning to support, protect and defend the lives of one's self, one's wife, and one's children." Dr. Welsing remains adamant that a class analysis of capitalism is not relevant to Black people, as most afrocentrists claim, because they are oppressed as a race.We have Frances Cress. Welsing's The Isis Papers [reviewed in AR Sept. 1997] Shahrazad Ali's. Are You Still a Slave? Eldridge. Cleaver's Soul On Ice .Young analyses two well known texts within this canon The Isis Papers: The. Chemical Key to the Colours by Frances Cress Welsing Carol Barnes' The .Frances Cress Welsing The Isis Papers 1991. The UI Center for Human Rights. 300 Communications Center * The University of Iowa. Iowa City IA 52242..